Monday, June 17, 2013

Mornings and bath time....

          Every morning Colt is so happy and interactive for over an hour or so. I love the mornings with him!!! I'm not the only one who does.... every one ends up on our bed watching, talking and trying to play with Colt. Colt will smile and look around. I am astonished at how happy he is. He will smile and have a happy countenance about him.  One morning I tried capturing a picture of him smiling...I kept missing!!! He would smirk or smile and I would push the button on the camera and miss the smile.  When Colt smiles he brings joy to my heart that has been mending. Watching him smile and have such Joy brings tears to my eyes of happiness and Joy!!

Bath time for the first time was fun!!!
He actually was really relaxed and then started to get cold and wanted out I think.  Right before we got him out we captured a picture with his fist up ....we all laughed!!!

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