Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

       Once again we went out to Hooper Cemetery to take balloons to AJ.  My parents also meet us out there.  They recently have moved here to Utah. The only thing new and different was that we took Colt for the first time.  The girls seemed excited to take Colt. One of the girls said to Colt,"You get to go see your brother!".  That actually brought tears to my eyes.  I know he wont, but in the innocence of a child that is what they see as the place where we visit/honor/remember AJ.  I know and feel that AJ is with us and watches over us.  He is with/near us not just hanging out at a cemetery.

Cera once again running through the cemetery

     As I have mentioned in a previous blog I feel that AJ and Colt are Eternal Best Friends and have always been close. I am a lucky mother to have been blessed with sons that have always been friends and will run to each other when they see each other again in Heaven!!!!

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