Wednesday, March 14, 2012

        Acea Jack "AJ" was born January 31, 2011 at 5pm.  He was a wanted and needed part of our family.  He was the hardest and longest labor and delivery I have had to experience.  He was a welcomed sight to see.  From the 1st moment he was a handsome cute baby boy!!  He fought to be here and to stay. Due to his difficult delivery he was bruised and had high billrubin level.  In turn, the high jaundice levels caused him to be a lazy eater and lose weight and become a "failure to thrive baby".  We helped him over come those hurdles!!! then he got mild case of RSV. We once again overcame that!!  He was given a clean bill of health and growing at his 2 month check up!!    
       The Saturday before AJ's birthday we choose to celebrate his birth.  I want to share what we did to celebrate our Sweet Angel Son's 1st birthday.   We invited friends and family over to celebrate our son/brother AJ.  We had Cookies and hot cocoa to snack on while we lit large lanterns.


Thank You to so many friends and family for coming and celebrating AJ!!!

        It was wonderful watching these lanterns float away to the heavens. We shared memories of AJ with others. We shared tears of Joy and sorrow....Most of all Our Son and Brother was and is remembered by so many!!! We Love you our Little Angel!! Thank you, to everyone who remember our son and talk about him. It is always healing to remember our son and touches our heart when others remember him also.

       This is our AJ Memory table that night. Thank you to my dear cousin Shiloh for sending our family the beautiful flowers!!  We made memory photo albums to share and to always cherish. Our AJ bear was made by my sweet mom in law DeAnn; the bear holds a piece of AJ's blanket. We have things and make memories to keep AJ always a visual part of our home and in our hearts.
        It was a wonderful evening, thank you again to so many that have loved us and supported us.  It is never easy leading up to important "dates"....but that evening and the following week was wonderful and filled my heart spiritually.


  1. Love you Paul, July, and girls.... It was a memorable night and we were glad to be a part of it. Your little special angel, I am sure, was looking down with love as well :)

  2. What a great night it was! We were honored to be apart of it... We love you all!