Sunday, June 16, 2013

Colts Newborn Pictures !!!

     What a wonderful opportunity to spend time with Karina again.... She welcomed us into her home to take pictures of Colt.  Maddy went with to watch the pictures get taken of Colt. It was another opportunity to build timeless memories. No words are enough that even come close to how cute, handsome, precious our little Colt is  !!!!!!!!   

 I love the contrast of the Yellow Tonka Truck with the Blue Blanket

I treasure every moment and memory made. I fear loosing moments with my family and try to take in every moment more often.  I cherish Colt's easy going personality at this point, His hair has what Cera calls "a swirl in the back and a V in front", His checks are so kissable, his little details make a memory all of his own to hold on to for a lifetime. What makes a bigger impression are the memories made when holding Colt and cuddling with him
Joy is found in memories made and remembered.

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