Sunday, June 16, 2013

Processing Anxiety and Fear.... The Only Way With Prayer

I know doing certain things will bring back AJ memories and emotions of grief.... I know this will happen until Colt will pass the age when AJ passed away. And... at that point it will change to Colt is doing what AJ didn't have the opportunity to do.

For example right now...

  1.  I have recently made Colts baby announcement and now in the process of getting them mailed out. This is hard due to the week before AJ passed away I was doing this. Only difference Colt is almost 5 weeks old and AJ was almost 8-10 weeks.  I was told by some family members that they had just received AJ's baby announcement in the mail and then received a phone call regarding the tragedy of his passing. 
  2. I am now in the process of planning Colt's Baby Blessing and Naming that is done at church. We are planning this a little earlier than we planned AJ's. AJ passed away the Wednesday before his was planned at church. This was very hard for us to not have made this memory with AJ at church.
  3. Planning DayCare arraingements... this will be a big step that will take baby steps emotionally.
 Reliving memories stirs up memories of fear and anxiety.  In my thought process the best option that gives me peace and comfort is to pray to my Heavenly Father that loves me and wants me to feel Joy; not fear and anxiety.

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