Sunday, March 4, 2012

                                 I am going to try this ....the BLOGGING thing that is!! 
     I often have so many thoughts regarding my life.  My life is that of being a working mom, a mom to 4 beautiful growing changing daughters, learning through my trials, and processing my grief of loosing our infant son. My husband and I have chosen to find JOY in our journey that we are on.
     There are monumental moments in all of our lives that change us from the CORE of who we were and who we are becoming. I hope every moment we/I have, improve us/I as we journey everyday to find JOY.  I am greatful for every moment that each of my 5 children have taught me.
     A few weeks ago I cherished a moment that I glanced at my husband...And I saw him looking at me with a look that overflowed with Love.  I am beyond blessed that I know that my husband loves me and our children more then anything. I hope he knows how much I am greatful for him and Love him!!! 
     I am trying to push through everyday to find JOY.  My children bring me the greatest JOY I find, but bring the greatest sorrow.  I look to all my children to pull me through my ups and downs. Each one of them know when I need a pick me up and they don't even know it when they pull me up.  They share a smile, a goofy moment/comment, "I Love you", give me that "proud mommy moment" and let me feel their Heavenly presence near me. 

     My Sweet husband and I were Sealed in the Logan Temple January 31, 2012. This was such a Bitter Sweet day for us.  We choose to celebrate our Angel son AJ's 1st Birthday by being Sealed for Eternity on his birthday. I truly have a beutiful family!!! I am blessed and fourtunate for every moment I have that brings me JOY.  I /we would not know our JOY without having sorrow....


  1. July, I admire your strength in your mother attributes. I don't know what it is like to lose a child, but we have had multiple close calls with Maddie's sleep apnea. I remember during the day now and then hearing her gasping for air and I had to run over and pick her up with her arms up and hit her back a few times. It seems that at six months Maddie finally out grew the sleep apnea. Our babies are angels sent from heaven : ) Your AJ will always keep you in sight I am sure. Love, Holly Batton

  2. I'm glad you started a blog, it's a great place to share the wonderful spirit that you have. Congratulations on being sealed in the temple, what a beautiful way to celebrate AJ's birthday. My love and prayers continue to be with you.