Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Blur began.......

A Blur.....Crazy what I remember from April 27,2011 ..... and what I don't,,,,,,

                                   Image result for a blurred memory

I remember the feeling of my heart breaking
I remember certain faces
I remember certain cries and words said
I remember talking to someone outside my office
I remember I was running late
I remember planning dinner over the phone
I remember holding my sons lifeless body
I remember taking home a empty car seat

I remember so little... yet so much

I don't remember dropping off AJ that morning
I don't remember....

What I wish I could remember.... AJ's face, his smile, his laugh, his warmth, his everything!!

What I miss everything!!!
 I miss .... seeing AJ grow and play
 I miss .... I miss so much

The days and weeks that followed that nightmare were the same.... a BLUR!!

I still say it to this day, I would do anything to have our precious AJ back in our home making memories. Instead our memories of him are frozen in time and we are making memories to keep his memory alive.

Some of our favorite pics

Love and miss you beyond words can discribe