Saturday, October 10, 2015

Guest Blogger: My Husband

Occasionally blogs have guest writers....  So here is a first

My Husband 

This is a great opportunity to share.  I know July is the one that usually writes here.  I have made a big change in my journey.  I have stared back to school.  I am attending BYU-Idaho.  This is an online course with once a week meeting or gatherings. 
July is supporting me in this.  What a wonderful way to become closer together.  She is letting me post on her blog so I can complete one of my assignments of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through media. 
What I find is our family means more to me than almost anything else. And as you read what she has posted already family means a lot to her as well.  I have had many trials in my life.  Nothing compares to the loss of our son AJ.  I know that remembering him is important.  I know that one day we will be able to see him again.  Until that time comes I have the rest of my family to help me cope with everyday life. 
Every year July makes time for family pictures.  Sometimes it’s harder than others to have the children be cooperative for the pictures.  She puts in much effort to make our family remember how we have grown.  Our yearly pictures always have a piece of AJ symbolized. Our AJ bear always has a place in the picture  Who would have thought that a child could have this big of an impact on our lives.