Sunday, June 16, 2013

Maternity pictures, I know I little late....

     I was a little nervous about doing these.... I had almost backed out several times.  When I was pregnant with AJ I had thought about doing maternity pictures, It became a fleeting thought.  When he had past away, I had wished I had.  It would have giving me just one more memory that I had built regarding AJ.  I had several people encourage me to follow through with doing the pictures while I was pregnant with Colt.   I followed through with with doing the pictures with encouragement and skepticism. 
     As time got closer to the scheduled time for pictures, I felt some reservation for several reasons.     One...  I have a hard time being the center of a picture looking larger than I normally appreciate even when not pregnant.  Two..... I had worry about how I would bond with my unborn son.  (that idea has been well overcome).
     I was amazed how doing these pictures helped me feel closer to my unborn son and peak my excitement of him coming.  The comfort I had leaving when finished was much different then when I had arrived!!! I left with comfort of Joy, peace and Love of a child that was having the same feeling about joining our earthly family.

     These Little white leather shoes were made by my dad many years ago  for my daughters. AJ even wore them a time or two.  I love these shoes!!  

This bear is our AJ bear that was made in memory of AJ. This bear will forever be found in pictures of our family and is found in our home.
I would not have been able to have made this step of comfort before Colt came without you Karina..... Thank you Karina for taking these pictures, you are wonderful and full of love, support and understanding!!!

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