Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Comments From Sisters....

Comments that 4 older sisters have said about Colt.....

Cera: " Is this AJ?"
          " I cant say Hulk (meaning Colt), how about we call him Jacob Nicholas"

Anna:  "Can I hold him again, please?.."
            "Is he awake yet"

Maddy: " I cant get my homework done, Colt is very distracting"
             " He is... oh, so Cute"

Roma: " Hi Bubbers"

I can only imagine and dream how AJ would have been and acted around his little brother..... AJ would have been just over 2 years old.

     I worried about how these 4 sisters would be having a baby in the home again.  I was worried they would protect themselves and not get close to Colt.... But, no it has been the opposite of my worry!!  4 sisters take every chance to hold and love on Baby Colt!!!  He is one loved and spolied baby brother!!

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