Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Big Announcement!!!!

     I'm hoping to catch up on so much this week to share ... So hopefully I will be able to share about so much I didnt't get to post over this last year.  This posting will be the start, of this weeks flood of postings.  Here goes the first of hopefully many to come!!!

         Here is our big announcement!!!

                 WE ARE EXPECTING!!

                     DUE: MAY 27,2013

      We are happy, excited, nervous and very blessed for a gift from Heaven.  I am 19 weeks along already!!! We told the girls several weeks ago..... All 4 reacted differently.  For example.... Anna stated "it is about time", little Cera stated questioning "Will this baby die too?".  I told Cera we can only hope this new little one will stay and Angel AJ will always watch over her and all of us.  We know that we will have Joy, excitment and anxious nerves on this rollar coaster as we have this new little one join us.  We have slowly told others our exciting news.  I have found I hear several responses from people when they hear I am pregnant....
  1.  Wow !! you are so old July and your kids are so spaced apart
  2. I actually have heard the comment that I am replacing my son "AJ". -Which is so Wrong!!
  3. MY FAVORITE REPONSE, That when someone hears we are expecting, they truly are happy for us and share in our excitement of hope!
                                For Christmas we shared our excitement on our Christmas card!!!!



  1. I can understand part of what you are going through and our blended family has kids spaced far apart, and I'm expecting in April!. There is six 1/2 years between my youngest and this baby girl :) I don't hear very often that I'm too old, but some days I feel old! I'm glad that Heavenly Father has a plan for all types of families and ages. I also knew that I had more children to have, and I just needed to wait for His timing, not the worlds. What a great blessing for your family! I am so happy for you!

  2. Congratulations!!! Families come in all different ways and timing. I have an Aunt who is younger than three of my cousins. Which isn't as common but there's nothing wrong with it. I'm surprised at the things people say sometimes not realizing what they say can be hurtful. I'm so happy for you guys!!!