Sunday, June 16, 2013


                    I wanted to share how much AJ and Colt look alike!!! They are diffidently brothers!!!!

                          No wonder Cera was confused at first.... they do look alike on day one.

I look at Colt everyday right now and have memories of AJ brought back to me from 2 years ago.  I see features of the two that are similar. Just like any siblings have similarities, these two did from the start. Even at 4 weeks of age they still look like brothers, only difference.... Colt is a little chubby in the face and has his own look.  I will forever wonder what AJ would have looked like as he would have matured and grown. Having Colt will give us a glimpse of that.

AJ about 4 weeks old

                               LOVE OUR BOYS  !!!


Colt almost 4 weeks

          I feel a mothers intuition is a gift ....  I know in my heart and soul AJ and Colt will miss each other very much during this earthly existence until they meet up in heaven again.  I feel very strongly that AJ is happy in heaven but watches over us through a thin veil from heaven.  He misses us, but has a greater understanding of the bigger picture of our Heavenly Fathers plan and is waiting for us in heaven.

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