Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some say I am CRAZY...And...yes I feel it

      This past Fall I took a leap of courage, at the encouragement of my husband. I went back to college!!! I made it through one semester. Now on to the next semester this January....AND I do feel a little crazy and I admit it!!!  This next year will be chalk filled with one adventure after another.... Family, Kids activites, work, being pregnant and having a baby, and going to college!!!

        I Love my Life!! it really isn't all that crazy. It is a fun and busy life full of what makes us happy!!
If we are not Happy we won't find a moment everyday that bring us Joy!!!

       This is what has gotten me through my crazy moments and continue to help me laugh to make it through my  Wonderful Crazy year to come!!! Here's to 2013!!

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