Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas is always filled with activities and traditions.... 

Some of our favorite traditions

  •  Dance recital

  • Homemade Suckers

  • Family Christmas Tree and "AJ's" Christmas tree

  • Being together!!!

My favorite thing about Christmas is simplifing life and being with my Husband and Children!!

I was so grateful that all four of my girls were home for Christmas.

Christmas morning is always filled with fun and smiles and funny comments from a little 5 year old!!!

Cera was confused when her gift looked like a box of rice-a-roni. The look was priceless...but she was happy to open the box to find sparkly black boots!!! The rest of the morning she would of remind everyone to open the box....

For days we kept telling Cera to be good or she would get coal in her stocking... 1st thing she did christmas morning after looking in her stocking was... she exclaimed "I didn't get any coal!".  We all laughed..

Anna in her Owl hat holding Cache.

Cera wanted a Veterinarian kit, Well now she has one and can dress up

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