Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Halloween 2012



     I'm not much of one for costumes and dressing up.  But, my daughters all Love dressing up!!! Here are a few pics of Maddy, Anna and Cera .....

     I did struggle this day in my life long grieving process, I remember breaking down in tears and calling a dear friend. This friend is always willing to listen to me and my short grieving pity party... FYI....I am not one for long drawn out pity parties.  Anyways, I was seeing and watching so many people dress up their little boys and wishing and wanting "AJ" to be here with us.  I have learned to get out my tears and share my feelings. After a "good cry" and venting I felt so much better.  Always, Thank you to my dear friend you know who you are!!! Love to you and your selfless service and listening ear.

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