Monday, September 3, 2012

August Birthdays!!!!

My 2 younger daughters have Birthdays in August!!!
Happy Birthday Ceralyn and Annayln!!!

This is a little belated post...But I need to catch up on some post

A recap: 1. Cera's Birthday was busy spent on getting Roma ready to be sent off to college.  The morning of Cera's birthday we had doughnuts her favorite breakfast beside pancakes. Several days before her birthday G-pa/G-ma Kemp took her out for pancakes. G-ma Kemp made her a "Super Cera Cape" Cera loves to play super hero!!! 

Cera announced on her Birthday that it was the "WORST 5th Birthday EVER!"; all because she had to make her bed....Oh' that girl!!!  Her day was spent driving to Cedar City, she was so excited to "Party in a hotel for her birthday". When we got to Cedar City, We ate at Applebee's, They sang to her and gave her a sundae. After dinner we went to the hotel and swam....Cera was delighted to play in the water!!!! The day got away from us...We didn't get a cake for her. We planed the next day we would stretch out her Birthday a little bit more... We went and got her a small "Brave" Cake. She was happy!! We sang to her at the hotel and had cake and swam again....She loves playing in the water!! 
                         Cera is so excited to be "5"!!! 



2.  Anna's Birthday was a week later!!! She Turned 9!!!  Several days before Anna's Birthday G-pa/G-ma Kemp took Anna to dinner at Red Lobster!! She loves seafood!!! On the day of her Birthday she got to spent the day with Gamma Hurd. She was here visiting for a week. The evening of Anna's Birthday she Chose to attend Dance practice and Soccer Practice, She loves being at both.  Anna has a traditional birthday dinner we make her every year the past few years..... Spaghetti Tacos!!!   Keep in mind we all ate just plain spaghetti and Anna is the only one whom ate it in a taco!!!

Anna wanted a Dance Wii Game.... 3 Sister's that were home.... Jammed and danced the rest of the evening away!!!          

We Love Our 2 August girls!!!!

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  1. I really enjoyed spending time with Anna on her birthday !