Monday, January 7, 2013

Cera is a RAINBOW!!

  We always have entertainment around our home . This entertainment we receive brings us JOY, Smiles and Laughs!!!
The other Saturday morning we told Cera to go get dressed for the day and this is how she appeared after she got dressed.....  

She simply said to us... You never let me dress like a RAINBOW!! So...What were we to say as parents? Nothing ...We just smiled and said you can be a rainbow today. She explained that her hair is blond and is the yellow, the shirt is green with a pink sparkly skirt, and she also explained her rainbow had a edge of black because she had to wear leggings due to the cold weather. This picture is of her explaining her outfit. Her arms and hands were the clouds at the end of rainbows.  What a wonderful imagination Cera has!!!!
Oh, we love this Girl!!!

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