Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Roma's Graduation and College

                  Roma's Graduation and Going to College

     Not that I forgot to write about this important event....I had so many thoughts and mixed emotions about this life turning event for my eldest daughter!!!
       When I had her at a young age I felt scared and unsure of what I would want her to accomplish and fo-fill.  All I could think and remember feeling was to guide her, in the ways of truth and righteousness and also teach her the importance of her education for her future!  I am beyond words of how proud of her that I am!!!  She has over come so many trials ranging from orthopedic surgeries and having dyslexia.  I will admit, her stubbornness and strong will has pulled her through every trial in life so far.

She was able to graduate from LAYTON HIGH in June of 2012 with honors!!! 

AND..... in  August she started to attend SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY!!!


Roma moved into her off-campus apartment!!!

As usual...A few too many shoes!!!! Roma loves her shoes!!!
     I am so glad she has chosen to go away for college for an amazing life experience!!!

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