Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Moments at the Cemetery....

               Being a grieving parent is a different world....

          Becoming part of this world you learn that everyone views their time at the cemetery differently.  My sweet husband and I don't spend much time at the cemetery but, when we do go it has such personal meaning to us.  For example; in early December we went to the cemetery and placed a small Christmas tree for "AJ" While doing this my husband lovingly kneeled down cleaned away the overgrown grass and placed a small tree with a silver star.  Tears started to roll down my checks with overwhelming love for my husband and our son.  I still get frustrated this is part of my life... but it is the new me and has made me whom I have become.

            We like to take a ice candle to "AJ" on Christmas Eve but were not able to this year, so we put one on the front porch.  Earlier today Paul and I drove out to the cemetery to take a ice candle to "AJ".  Once again I watched my loving husband clear the snow away off of the headstone and place the candle and light it.  I once again had an overwhelming feeling of Love and tenderness towards my sweet husband and our son. 

Snow drifted on "AJ's" small Christmas tree

The candle glowing in a distance.... I wonder how long it stayed lit this year.

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