Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Fun..

     Well....things on the Bucket list are getting checked off.  Here is a quick catch up of some things we have done recently.  We went to the Salt Lake Aquarium.  We had a nice time exploring and learning about all sorts of water creatures near and far away.  I think the girls had fun learning and seeing fan water creatures.

Afterwards we went to the store Orson Gygi.  Paul and I both share in the Joy of cooking and spending time in the kitchen. I love that I can spend quality time with my husband.

                   This is when We did the "mentoes and Coke" explosion.  How entertaining they all are!!!
                                                   AND..... HERE IT GOES!!!!


Another day we went to Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Ut. Cera was sooo....Excited. She even said we were the best parents ever, because we were there!!!!  

But Cera's excitement soon turned to being scared... The Dinosaurs that were loud started to scare her...She told us she didn't like the dinosaurs with speakers...Oh Cera!!!
   I thought she would like seeing the TRI"CERA"TOP


Cera started to relax and have fun digging for Dino bones.                                                                                          

Cera once again started to get scared again!!! Silly little girl. She said "I don't like the fake dinosaurs".
        Another fun day...But we always miss Roma when she is working and misses out on adventures

An idea we had to make a HOT July day was....we had WINTER IN JULY!!!!

Shaving cream and lots of bubbles are always lots of fun!!!!


After playing around we made smores!!!
I so enjoy seeing my family have fun and enjoy LIFE!!

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