Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Journey.... Lifelong Moments

As a parent that has had a child pass away..... I have been told it is a life long process of grieving at different levels.... I do Agree so far!!!
    At the beginning of my journey, I was told many comments from others who are already in the journey...
  • Sorrow gets easier with time.
  • Time heals
  • In time it will be more bearable
Notice the pattern....TIME!
           This process I/We are on is a Journey.... This Journey is what I/We choose to make it!!!
I find in this Journey it is important to value moments....  I still feel moments of over whelming grief/sorrow. I miss my son greatly!! I break down and Cry and it is OKAY!!! Those pent up feelings have to come out. Most times I am alone when it happens. For example:  Driving home from a dear friends open house regarding her son whom passed away, I broke down in tears. The drive was quiet as I contemplated the sorrow a parent has. All of a sudden, I felt overwhelming sorrow!! The tears welled up in my eyes and all I could do is say out loud "AJ I miss you and Love you" over and over!!!
                       These moments in the beginning of my journey were longer and draining.
                          Overtime these moments have become shorter and refreshing!!!!

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