Saturday, July 28, 2012

St. George Family Fun!!!

     A few weeks ago Roma, Maddy and Anna were gone for a WHOLE week in St George. They spent the time there with their wonderful Aunt Tam, Uncle Dave and Cousins!!!   The Girls are so lucky to spend time with extended family that is so wonderful. They got to do Crafts and all sorts of fun.
     While they were gone Cera missed her sisters immensely!!! Paul and I enjoyed the quiet house. But...I honestly missed my girls!!! Each one of them bring there own special light or noise to our family. - I wonder what AJ's earthly imprint everyday would of been. 
     Paul and I drove down to St George to get the girls. It was a enjoyable ride down with just one little Girl in the back seat of the van. Cera I think enjoyed the ride of no sisters controlling the choice of movie to play.  When we got to Tam and Dave's house, the 3 older sisters were so excited to see their little sister and Cera had the same excitement. I am not sure who missed who more...

The next day Tam and Dave took us all out to the lake for fun in the Sun!!!

Roma did great boarding...Maddy even did also not pictured.

This is ME!!! The 1st time I have EVER tried water skiing!!! I didn't do so well...But I tried!!!!

                                ROMA, MADDY, ANNA AND CERA HAVING fun!!!


 It took a little while but Cera finally got in!!

 They of coarse had a rip roaring time!!!


 Every chance Anna had she would jump in she apparently loves being in the lake!!!

In contrast to the ride to St George...The ride back was the longest drive ever!!! Bickering, Whining and Fighting girls!!! They all were back together!!! But the 2 biggest dilemmas on the way back were
1. A throwing up girl (only once, thank goodness) 2. Paul and I both had sunburns from having FUN!!! (Paul's sunburn was greatly worse than mine) 

                                              On a final note... this picture is for Paul

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