Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some Losses can be refilled .....Some losses can not be refilled

     Over the years I have gone through several losses.  Majority of the losses have been and can be refilled, but the only one Loss that can not be refilled is the Loss of a Child. 

     I have spoken with other grieving parents. The one statement that has been hurtful and not understood is hearing; " just get over it".  A parent never gets over it!!! A grieving parent learns to live with the loss and the sorrow the best they can.  If you are reading this wondering what to do for a a grieving parent... talk about their child and listen to them. Support them by being patient, caring and loving.
      I am personally in debt to those whom have come to me in my time of need. Those who have come to help be "Glue" in moments when my heart needed the extra help. Those individuals have become the ones that have made a special closeness with me and have wanted to Share in our Journey of JOY beyond Grief. 

Thank you

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