Sunday, July 29, 2012

Evening at KSL...

             I should of posted on this weeks ago!!! But for some reason kept getting distracted from it.
I have a new found interest in sharing our family's story and journey through our healing of Grief.  I'm wanting to Share that there is "JOY beyond GRIEF"!!!! Back in June, I had an opportunity to start networking with other Bloggers.  It was an amazing evening I spent at KSL.  I went with a friend of mine, Nicole Carpenter. Her Blog/Website  is . She has a wonderful idea she is promoting for moms.

This night was filled with:
  • Meeting the KSL news staff. Which by the way they are wonderful men and women!!!
Nadine Wimmer was great she was so sweet!

  • Doing a Mock News segment. Click here to see it . Nicole did amazing...I'm not so the natural on TV. IT was fun to see behind the scenes, to see how it all comes together. Not as easy as it looks! Had fun tho...At least I can chuckle about it.

  • A brief moment on The KSL radio show "Night Side Project"

  • Meeting wonderful women that are amazing in what they want to share, teach and inspire to others!!!



                          To be TOTALLY honest......This was one of the Funnest nights!!! What an opportunity!

I got a door prize of a flower arrangement!!! it smelled wonderful!! I used the idea of the original arraignment and made a new one that would last forever and to remind me of the wonderful evening I had!!
This is the one I received.


                                                         This is the arrangement I recreated

     While there that evening 2 cute gals from KABOOBAGS were there. Their Bag/Purse is the cutest product ever. I just loved it!!!  I LOVED it so much I actually....Ordered one for my B-day that is in September. It is still sitting in the box waiting for my day ( I know silly me).  But I found an awesome deal could not pass it up!!!! The idea is that Paul (my husband) can give it to me for my B-Day with a Tablet in it....(Sometimes you need to assist in gifts to get what you want).... The icing on the cake is...I got a second Kaboo Bag; I got coupon that night and gave it to my mom to order me another bag for my B-day!!! AND...That box also sits unopened till my B-Day!!!!Click her to see the Amazing bags that can organize your life!!!

I dream someday to be able to do public speaking to help other women and families find "JOY beyond GRIEF".  One day...One experience at a time will get me there!!!! If we all can find the Joy in life even during and after the hard times, We all can be much happier!!!!
                                                  Thanks KSL for the Great night!!!

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