Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Well....We joined the bandwagon of summer bucket lists!!!

This is our Summer Bucket List... Maddy with the assistance from us made this list. Some things are inexpensive, stay at home, crafty, cause an adventure and entertain.  We went to All-A-Dollar and got stuff that would go along with the list. Lots of easy projects for kids to do when I am at work were also purchased and... don't forget the infamous summer chore charts have also been made to earn Fun Time to do the "Bucket List"

    To start off our "Bucket List" We have gone to Boondocks, gone to the movies, gone to the Zoo, finished Jigsaw puzzles and painted! 

We decided to purchuse a Zoo membership. We can enjoy the Zoo in our own time through out the next year.   

 Anna enjoyed the new area at the Zoo with the seals, otters and polar bear. Seeing the seals made me miss Sea World  
Cera and Anna enjoyed painting. We plan on having other opportunities to create with paint.
I guess more adventures are ahead for us the next few weeks....

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