Sunday, June 24, 2012


      Through my grieving process I find it interesting what comments people say to me. Some comments are heartfelt but come out stupid. I wonder what people are thinking in their head when they open up their mouth. I know that sounds rude... but wait.... 

     I know people mean well in their comments. Until you hear the words coming at you as a grieving parent, the words you hear are heard differently then they are meant when they are said!!! 
     The number one comment I did not like hearing when AJ passed away was, "He is in a better place". I still don't like the comment!!! Here is my reason, AJ was not in a bad place here with us, was not mistreated or ill.  How could he be in a better place, My arms and his Daddy's arms were safe and loving.  I understand that heaven is a better place then earth but....We were given the opportunity to come to earth to gain a body and have trials and learn. This mortal existence is full of trials and tough roads. 
  When I was going through the rawness of the shock of AJ passing away, I would say things to make myself justify his passing.  I would say things to sound brave/strong when inside my heart was breaking.  Things I would say were "He was so special Heavenly Father needed him back", "AJ is one of the chosen ones that just needed to be here briefly", "AJ was/is more special then your baby" and "AJ was a chosen spirit that didn't need to face this mortal experience".  Sometimes in retro-spect I think I might of sounded rude or snotty. If I did... I am sorry. We are all special in Gods eyes and cherished!
I still think Our Sweet Baby AJ is held dear and close by Heavenly Father and Jesus!! I thank our little Boy everyday for bringing Heaven closer to our home and family. Without Going through this trial of sorrow, I would have not grown spiritually. I hope and pray this is making me a better person everyday.

REQUEST:  Those of you whom read this, that are grieving parents please leave a comment regarding comments you did or didn't like to hear. Or...Comments you would say yourself

Thank you !!

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  1. In my opinion Any comment that starts with the words... "At least..." should never ever be said to a grieving parent!! it knocks a solid blow to the heart, there is no at least... nothing that can follow those words makes losing a child better! Love you July :)