Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moments... of wonder

As I live through this process of grief, I have moments of wonder.
I wonder...What life would of been with AJ around. Even when we went to Disneyland, I missed packing for him. Packing a stroller, diapers, little boy clothes and toys. I find myself every time we go somewhere... wondering how much fun it would be to see AJ enjoy being with his sisters. As a mother of an angel I am learning to cherish the moments of missing him, even tho I might shed a tear or two.  I know and have faith when I get to be with AJ again, I will have every moment that I missed. Those moments will be multiplied with JOY for me and my whole family in Heaven!!! 
 LOVE and Miss You AJ!!!
                     This summer as we spend our time checking off the "Bucket List" ...Yes I will have moments of wonder.... But that is ok!!!  Those moments I might shed tears or not, I might share my wonder or keep it to myself quietly.  I think I will forever wonder about AJ.
We think of those we Love and Cherish!!!

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