Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

     Memorial day has forever changed in some ways for me and our family.... I grew up being taught to honor those whom served our country and those whom have passed before us. I remember going to visit my Grandparents grave sites and remembering those that fought to preserve our freedom.  When remembering those that passed before us should be our grandparents and older generations, Not our own Children!!!       
     Today going to see my Grandma Roma and Dale Brown headstone plots in Lewiston, UT. I was reminded of a small headstone next to them. My own Grandparents lost an infant!!! I wish so much they were here to talk to about the Loss and Sorrow. I never heard my Grandma ever talk about the loss. The only thing I ever heard was that her name was Susan and she got an infection and passed away at 2 days old. I wish that my Grandma Roma would of kept a journal or have expressed her healing process. I know times and generations have changed and we now share emotions differently now then generations in the past.  I hope I have made my Grandparents proud in my grieving process.  My Grandparents always taught me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will always lead and comfort. Someday I will talk again to my Grandparents about the heartache, but at that moment it wont matter.... My Grandparents and I will already be reunited with our sweet babies. I am forever grateful for eternal families and the knowledge of being with my son again!!!

      Everyday brings new reminders of AJ not being here with us and that we miss him. Everyday We/I are reminded of the plan set before us has a reason and a purpose.  I /We have to work harder and strive to be better to be with AJ again!!!
             AJ...Enjoy Playing in Heaven, Let Grandpa Dale pull a coin from behind your ear and sing a song with him. Sit down Watch and Learn to paint with Grandma Roma and let her hold you for me. Take a moment to Sit with Grandpa Hurd and listen to his wisdom and far fetched stories and soak up is wet kisses!!!
                                     We love you Little Boy!!!


  1. So sweet, I love reading your posts. It did break my mothers' heart to lose Susan. I read a letter written by my dad stating how very sad my mother was over the loss of my sister. Mother always seemed to keep things in that bothered her. She was a quiet soul in that respect.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts... I always enjoy reading them. As I sit in tears after reading them and your mother's remark. Thanks Maria for sharing... Your sweet mother we so miss her as well. Hey and July didn't expect that photo get on there :)