Sunday, June 24, 2012

People Watching.....

        I'm one of those that watch people...
YES, I am one of those people that go to Lagoon (Lagoon is an amusement Park) and enjoy people watching more than the rides!!! 
        Getting to my point regarding watching people, since AJ has passed away I feel as tho sometimes people look at me differently. In the beginning I really noticed people looking at me with a face of sadness, despair and loss of what to say.  It was all in their eyes. A whole facial downward pull. Sometimes people would not even say was like they would just wait and see what I would do or say.  Maybe in thought they were just looking at me the way I was looking in the beginning.... As time passes I still see people look at me with a look of sadness. Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking. I just reading to much into it in my own mind... I might be.
    I hope they see I have an angel watching over me, and I am finding the Joy beyond Grief!!!

 If you look at me or another grieving parent and wonder about my/our grief, Stop and ask us about our child. We want to talk about our child. We want to remember and share about them. Also, it is ok if we as grieving parents shed or share a tear. Don't feel bad if a grieving parent shed/shares a tear with you. I have and am learning to be ok to shed tears of LOVE for my/our Son AJ. 

 LOL...I know silly me to bring Eeyore into this. Notice is sad look, the eyes.  But some how Eeyore pushes through every day. I wish he would someday find a little JOY.

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