Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brain and Life on OVERLOAD...

I Like doing this Blogging thing...But finding the TIME... is the tough thing!!!
         My brain is on overload of thoughts and experiences the last few weeks. I'm hoping to spend some time and catch up posting. Catching up posting might just unload my Brain and share my Life!!!

Here are somethings I need to post and Share about.....

 The last few weeks : Roma Graduated from High school
                                 I went to KSL for a Bloggers night out
                                 We have done some things on the Summer Bucket list
                                       Saw the movie Brave
Lately I've been trying to keep a notepad close by and jot down thoughts. 
           Fresh Thoughts:  Comments during Sorrow
                                      Being looked at
                                      Being active through sorrow
                                      Scriptures/Conference talks as a guide in life

To start with, I have 2 Dreams I need/want to focus on.
                    1. Share my Grieving process of finding JOY. I want to share their is Joy beyond Grief!!! Find ways to help other grieving families. A new found friend of mine and I want to start a support group for SIDS/Child loss focusing more on Joy through Grief and create a foundation to help provide headstones for infants/young children that pass away. We want the foundation to be called, "Alana and AJ's Gift".

                    2. I need to find a way to go back to college!!

Wow!!! Both of these Dreams will need to take time and effort.  I need to find a way to do both.  I recognize both are fulfilling in 2 vastly different ways. 
        1. An accomplishment for myself in my education and my career
            - I need to do this not only for myself but for my career and my family

        2. Remembering AJ by helping others.
            - Every Grieving parent wants their child remembered

To accomplish these goals I can not do them on my own. I need to place things in order. I need to place my relationship with my Heavenly Father in the forefront of my dreams. For example, I have been told if I make more time to read the scriptures I will be able to retain more in learning. By learning and studying the scriptures builds us and opens doors.  Another Idea that might sound trivial, but will give me more energy...exercise. I always feel drained and tired. A few years ago I exercised quite often, I found I had more energy. (I guess that makes another dream, Exercise)

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