Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer fun...2013

    Due to how my maternity leave played out, I was able to be home majority of the summer!!  I was able to be home and enjoy 4 girls home and Colt.  Roma came home from College for the Summer. She worked hard saving money for College. Maddy fell at Dance practice one night and broke her ankle. Cera and Anna enjoyed the Summer Fun And Baby Colt tagged along.

Our summer was filled of the usual summer fun!!!!

                                                       Dance.... Dance.... Dance!!!!!!!!!!!

Late nights... Creative Fun..... Done our Way!!!!!

 Made Fairies in a jar. This left glitter every where... But entertained for an evening.

 We grew a crystal garden, it was fun to watch for several weeks.
 We did several other fun quick and easy projects: made big crayons, made a pet jelly fish and flubber, friendship bracelets and all the summer fun from camping.... going to Aunt Tam's to playing in the water...... Going to Lagoon 1 time (that is all I can handle...HaHA...)

  Eating Ice Cream at Farr's on a hot evening after Family pictures.

 Watching Colt grow and smile!!!!

No Summer is complete without watching fireworks several times!!!!

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