Sunday, September 15, 2013

Colts Blessing Day

July 7, 2013 We celebrated an important day for our family.

    We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  A Baby Blessing is an opportunity that a baby has to receive a name and blessing during Sunday services.  This day for us was to focus on Baby Colt and the gift he is to us from Heavenly Father.  Months ago, before Colt was even born I had picked out a little tan linen pant/vest with a white shirt with blue pin stripes. This outfit even had a tan hat that matched. I couldn't imagine putting Colt in white that day as most have traditionally done. (Placing him in all white brought too many memories of AJ's funeral services).

COLT, was blessed to have a long life. Bring joy and happiness through the doors he walks through.
That morning brought a strong spiritual presence to us of peace....AJ was felt very close. I believe that those that have passed will be spiritually present on special occasions.

 We planned a brunch for after church with family. Colt was passed around and loved on by many.
As usual I got busy with everyone and visiting is missed many photo opportunities.

Also that same day A close friend of our family blessed their baby girl the same day.  How adorable these 2 babies are growing up together!!!!

On the other side of this joyful day.... we never got to have this joyful day with AJ, instead we had a funeral. AJ passed away the Wednesday before he would of had his blessing on that Sunday. It was hard to not make that memory with AJ. It was hard emotionally for me to plan and actually have Colts special day. Due to my fears and emotions.... we tried to keep the invite list small which is hard to do with our very large family.

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