Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dreaming of a Little Boy's Shadow

As I Sit, Type, Post and Share about our family... I miss posting all about AJ!!!  I should have a little boy around here... He would be 2 years old.  He should be getting into his big sisters stuff, pulling at his little brother, running away from us and playing in the dirt. I can only watch other little boys around AJ's age and only dream of what he would be doing.

In my dreams I see a little boy playing. As I see this little boy play it is like seeing a shadow moving and playing. My curiosity is brimming to know what AJ's face looks like as he grows.

The what "if's" and "should of's" are hard on a mother's/parents grieving heart.  I can't even describe my aching heart some days and moments regarding how deeply I/we miss AJ.

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