Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AJ Celebrated.... We Grieve because we LOVE

       A year ago I was just moving through the motions of daily life in pain from a broken heart.  We/I did the unthinkable; planned and had our infant sons funeral services. Only another grieving parent can understand how painful it is to do this process. We shared our deep Love we have for our son with others!!!  
       All I could think during the time of choosing a casket was this is not real...it is not me going through this. I would call the casket his "bed". I worried about him being cold and comfortable. In retro-spect...I sounded at times crazy.  We put some notes, toys and pictures with AJ. My Girls, AJ's sisters put alot of thought into that gesture of LOVE. 
      We were guided in several ways to lay AJ to rest in the Hooper Cemetery. For months before AJ past away Paul and I were wanting to look for a home in Hooper.  After he passed away, My Aunt and Uncle offered a plot in Hooper. We felt comfort regarding the Hooper Cemetery. Since then we have not felt impressed to look for a home in Hooper anymore. I guess we bought our property/land in Hooper and we will always be connected there. In some way we were prepared in retro-spect.... 

Paul asked for people to bring BALLOONS to the graveside....People Brought BALLOONS !!!  What a beautiful site and a colorful sky.  We/I thought of it as Balloons going up to play with our Angel. We still send Balloons to AJ to play with!!! 


My dear cousin Laura referred to the funeral as AJ's celebration. So right she was... We did celebrate AJ!!! We mourn/grieve because we LOVED AJ so much!!!  I have learned we Grieve deeply because of a deep LOVE.

I know I could not have lived through those raw moments of emotional pain without my Husband, Jesus Christ comforting me, and my sweet Angel AJ being near by.   


  1. Our hearts were heavy that day a year ago. It was a very difficult thing to go through. I can't believe a year has past. I am thankful for my Savior and His love.

  2. Thanks for sharing your words... what a memory today was a year ago.. I kinda feel like I am just reliving it today... Love you all