Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Disneyland and .....

     Well we lived through it but, we are very exhausted!!! Paul and I willingly and Joyfully took the 4 Girls  to California for Spring Break. Here is how it played out....
  Day 1:  We choose to start our drive to California on a Tuesday afternoon/evening after work. We had a goal to make it to St George that night. We planned to stay at my Sis in law Tam's house.  The mini-van was packed ever so organized and carefully.  Snacks, entertainment and anything we might need packed in small/med clear plastic bins....( i know I sound Crazy, yet experienced).  Movies packed for endless entertainment. I remember many trips growing up wishing for that convience to entertain my siblings and I on many of our long trips either to Oklahoma or Utah growing up.
              We left just after 6 pm.  Our drive started out with the LONGEST intersection light!!!! We all said "Should've gone the other way". Oh-well... We were off with a family prayer and happy kiddos of every age with anticipation of an adventure.  We did make it to St. George after11pm.
     Day 2:  Thank you to Tam and Dave's family!!! They are wonderful hosts. We got up and aimed to be gone by 8am....Did not work. Try getting 4 Girls out the door and 2 of those teens.  We drove Through LasVegas and onward to California. We had hoped the drive would only be 5-6 hours. But we got caught in construction delays!!!
               Finally we made it to our Hotel!!!  We were happy with our room. We unpacked...waited for the next shuttle to Disneyland from our hotel!!!  We were off, for our 1st day out of 3 days at Disneyland. We hit the crowds with excitement.  Cinderella's Castle stood there pulling the girls toward it.  When Cera walked in the Castle doors, she had a look of disappointment. She realized it was not a real castle!!! Poor little girl had hoped to see what the moves show in castles.  We walked around getting our bearings and catching a rides.  We bounced/hopped back and forth from Disney and California Adventure.  Anna, Cera and I enjoyed wandering Bugs World and Monster Inc ride.  Paul, Roma and Maddy got to take a peek of the fireworks as they rode the Hollywood Hotel Terror ride.  What a START to our Adventure. We all went back to the hotel tired and a plan for the next day.
  Day 3:  We got up VERY early!!! Kids up and going again and faster then they did the day before. We got already and went down to the hotel breakfast buffet.... The kids were happy for french toast.  After breakfast we took off for Sea World!!!  The only one not happy about going to Sea World was Cera. She wanted to go back to Disneyland!!! Poor Cera, We had to promise her the first thing the next day at Disneyland would be seeing the princesses. We packed up snacks and sunscreen.  We drove down to San Diego.   We enjoyed the scenic drive but not the traffic.  On a personal note; I love Sea World  and I was excited!!!  We found our way to Sea World.  Just after we walked in the gates we were told the Shamu Show was starting.  We caught the show as a great start to our day.  What wonderful creatures we saw with great talent. 

After seeing the Shamu show went went over to the the dolphins. The sea loins show was a great comedy, Anna describes it like that. FYI...Anna someday should be a critic.  The girls had an opportunity to feed the dolphins.  We walked over to another area where we all got to touch starfish. 
We rode a sky ride that went out over the ocean, saw penguins and turtles, walked under the sharks.  The girls rode a few more rides.

While Paul, Roma, Maddy and Anna went on big rides, I took Cera to the Sesame street area.  Cera loved seeing Elmo and riding the Sesame Street rides. To finish up sea world, Paul and the 3 older girls went to go on the water ride "Journey to Atlantis". Cera fell asleep worn out from the excitement and fun. So, I waited with Cera on a bench. While waiting I saw Adam Sandler there with his family...LOL...He was trying to lead a normal life. I was surprised people were only watching him and not attacking him with attention.  Even tho we packed up the sunscreen, we forgot to put it on. So...the sun crispness started!!!
               The Girls all wanted to go see the beach close up. So we drove out  to Coronado Island.  The bridge over to the island was amazing!!  We got ice cream and walked out to the beach.  Poor Cera was shivering eating her ice cream and Roma was wanting pictures of her on the beach.  Anna and Cera looked for some bits and pieces of shells. Maddy and Paul entertained Roma's desire of wanting pictures taken.

Off we went to our hotel with the sea side on our minds. We went to bed awaiting for another early morning with Disneyland as the destination for the next day.

Day 4:  We enjoyed breakfast and waited for the shuttle to Disneyland. As we waited every time for the shuttle, Cera would shows how magic would open the front doors to the hotel...Silly little girl. She is always our entertainment.  Our 1st goal was to go see the Princesses!!!  And...I don't know which one of the girls were more excited to see the princesses.  As the day went on many rides were rode, many steps were taken and many smiles were seen. Every time I saw Anna smile out of pure happiness and enjoyment it made the trip all worth it!!  As a parent we enjoy seeing our children being happy and it makes no matter how much we spent worth it!! 
              As the night pressed on the 2 younger girls got tired and Paul took them back to the hotel. I stayed with Roma and Maddy to ride more rides and go see the "festival of colors" show. What a wonderful sight of colors. 

Day 5:  Last day of Disneyland!!!   More rides and More rides!!! I/We loved Indiana Jones ride. Cera loved going on the rides that told a story. Anna loved going on the Screaming roller coaster.  Maddy and Roma loved the thrill of the rides and enjoyed their younger sisters on the rides. We enjoyed watching the Muppet's 3D show and quickly after that Cera drug her sisters to her favorite ride "Monster Inc".  My favorite family ride that we did together was Splash Mountain. The laughter we had was great on that ride.
             We learned quickly on the trip that Cera needed to be 40" to ride most rides at Disneyland. She is 39" without shoes, With shoes she is 40" about... So we told/taught her to "think tall".   As we would walk up to rides we would all tell her "think tall".  She would!!! This phrase became our family entertainment.

             Once again the 2 younger sisters wore out. All they wanted to do was go swimming at the hotel.  So Paul left with them to take them to the pool. I stayed with Roma and Maddy. They wanted to see the fireworks.  Roma and her dream was a reality watching the fireworks above the castle with Tinkerbell flying around!!! Maddy and I watched Roma and the fireworks.

Day 6:  Universal Studios was another adventure... Lots more walking. We enjoyed seeing the back lots and the 3D King Kong show. Not enough time to get through the crowds. The Jurassic Park ride was lots of fun!!  Paul, Rom and Maddy rode the Mummy ride and Cera loved getting wet in Curious George water area. The 3D movie of Shrek was entertaining.

     We stayed a little longer than planned at Universal...But we were off again!!! We started our trip homeward.  The girls watched movies while Paul and I took turns driving. We made it to Las Vegas late that night.

Day 7:  We had a lazy morning start and headed home to Layton. Always nice to be home.
But...I think Paul and I need a vacation from the vacation. We came home Tired!! Hearing the sincire "Thank You's" must of meant the trip was a success, I think!!!! 

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