Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patty's Day 2012

    I use to plan out every Themed Holiday....As years have gone by I have not followed thru with it as well.  Over the years I have changed, got busier and thought maybe my kids didn't care if I put forth the effort.

    So, I didn't plan anything for the day of wearing of the green!!! I am starting to actually notice they miss my efforts... So as the evening came and 3 of my daughters were home and wanting to be festive and play up the Green, we came up with an idea!!!  Paul took Maddy and her friend Kyllie to Walmart with a rule of shopping... they can only get items that are green and Irished themed.  Paul being a wonderful dad, took them and they all came back with SMILEING faces!!  They brought back, Green Jello, Green Skittles, Green Mike and Ikes, Green soda, Green Silly String, Green facial mask and other things. The impromptu Green moment made memories of Green faces and Silly string every where!!!   Even tho I didn't feel up to planning anything, This turned out to be a great GREEN memory!!  Thank you to my husband and to these girls for making me SMILE and bringing JOY to our night!!!

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  1. What fun memories you have for your family. You are a great mom July. I also am so glad that Paul is a wonderful dad. Love you daughter.