Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dance Competition March 2012

    Another weekend done and gone by so fast.... Maddy, Anna and Cera performed at dance competition. Watching any one of my girls achieve something they have worked for gives me that teary eyed proud mommy moment!!!! All 4 of my daughters make me VERY proud. They are amazing Girls!!!

This was an amazing performance by Maddy's dance team!! It was the best one I have seen them do in a few years. And the icing on the cake was Maddy pulled of her tumble!!! This was an accomplishment for her!! So proud of you Maddy girl!!!

Anna has worked so hard over the last year!!
She did a fabulous Job!!! She did her BEST leg lift yet!!! And Anna always has the best Grin on her face!!

Cera is has learned the art of keeping her grin on and having FUN dancing!! She is becoming such a cute dancer!!  We were So Glad this year she went out there and did her BEST and didn't freeze up...LOL!!!! What a Little performer she is becoming!!!

   Also last week!!! Roma made/reached a great accomplishment for herself!!! She got all A's this last term. I admire all her hard work she does for her school work. She studies and works harder then any regular student out there. She has overcome so many learning hardships. Congrats to all my daughters and proud of all of you!!!  Love you Girls!! You Bring me such JOY!!!   

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