Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day All Ready Gone BAD!!!

            I just had to share;  The other day I was having a bad day and of coarse it was a Monday.   I came home from work to face the usual question of, "whats for dinner?"  So, I thought tacos would be easy... I proceeded to get 1lb frozen hamburger out to thaw. I placed it in the Microwave to thaw, but I set the wrong settings unknowingly and ran upstairs to change out of my work clothes. Mean while the plastic bag explodes in the microwave and begins to cook in a ball. My helpful husband started to save my downward spin by cleaning up the mess in the microwave and started to finish cooking the meat to crumble for tacos. But...with NO avail we had no Taco seasoning!!! My husband Paul left the room, I went to the neighbors to get taco seasoning. Yes the neighbor saved the day and had taco seasoning. We chatted for a moment to long... I went back home and forgot I left the stove on!!! NOW we have burnt crusty over cooked ground beef.... Why did I even bother cooking that night!!!  I proceeded to save dinner....I broke off the crusty burnt meat and feed it to the dog. He was very happy and felt spoiled for the moment.  Paul came back in and shook his head at me... "yes, I know" I said "and do you have an idea how to save dinner to night?" He always has an answer!!! SPAGHETTI!!!! We placed the dry meat in sauce and it softened up and we had dinner finally by 7pm... Which is very late for us!!! now that is a Monday night dinner gone bad yet saved!!
           My crazy life.....   

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