Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wedding anniversary

I am  one LUCKY woman!!

      I'm a little late in posting this. Last month Paul and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. He may not be a man of many words, But I know he loves me more than anything. They say that the hardest things in life will either strenghen your marriage or break it.  We have gone through the hardest thing that a couple could ever continually live through, "Loss of a child".  I would of never gotten as far as I have in my grieving/healing process if it were not for my husband....And I would hope I have been there for him also.  Everyday I am grateful for my sweet, humble, thoughtful and hard working husband!!!
 I was so lucky to receive these Flowers and Chocolates from him!! What I most love about our relationship is that we both want the other happy and each others dreams to be fo-filled.

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