Monday, March 25, 2013

The closer my due date comes....

      Every week, day, hour and minute I get closer to the delivery of this new baby boy to be with us, so many thoughts come to my heart and mind. 

                          A stranger recently said to me "oh your poor baby boy wont have a brother, just sisters...."  I quickly responded "he does have a older brother, but he passed away". This stranger then understood better after that and I explained. After much thought about this, it breaks my heart that my sons will not get to have a earthly relationship.  I know my sons have known each other in heaven before this earthly world.  They will be separated and miss each other until they meet in heaven again. I know in my heart my sons are ETERNAL bestfriends.
          I wonder how this new little boy will get to know his heavenly brother.  I pray and hope he will learn to spritually get to know his heavenly brother.  As I ponder this idea, the concept of our own personal relationtionship with our older brother Christ dawned on me.  Myself and anyone who strives and wants a relationship with Christ needs to empark on a personal spritual journey.  This journey is guided by scriptures, prayer, personal testimony of Christ and personal revelation.  I pray and hope that our son will search someday to get to know both of his heavenly older brothers, AJ and Christ.

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