Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, To my Dad!!!

     I felt impressed to share and write down some thoughts on this day to wish my Dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! He is entering a new phase of his life. What opportunities are before him.  Enjoy your milestone this day Dad, I love you. More then that we all LOVE YOU!!
     I have been fortunate to have a Father that would do anything for me and my children!!! Anytime I needed anything, he has been there. In the moments that I have needed him the most, he is right there at my side with his arms around me. I remember when I ventured my life to Utah many years ago at the same time Roma was having hip surgeries at Shriners Hospital. I didn't have to do it alone, he was there!! He traveled from Colorado, to put his arms around me and comfort me and Roma when she had surgery. So many other times he has rushed to our side for future surgeries for Roma, Baby deliveries, important moments when he could and most when AJ passed away.
     At the moment he found out AJ had passed away, he and my mom quickly headed here from Texas. They made the long journey in record time. I remember him calling while the were driving, saying to me "I'm coming". Just hearing my Dad's voice gave me the strength to hold on during my heart ache. When they arrived all I could do and wanted was my Dad and his arms around me. How wonderful he was with me and my family to put his arms around us! His grand-daughters and I all needed him and my Mom.  I remember crumbling in his arms. What comfort he brought me. But this time he couldn't fix my my broken heart. I don't know who hurt more my Dad or me that he couldn't totally fix everything. (Keep in mind like most Dad's, he wants to fix things and make it all better) But, he was here and helped and took care of everything he could!!! Thank you for every effort you make!!!

                                  My Dad Living out one of his dreams, Going on a Buffalo Hunt!!!

Thank you for leading, teaching and guiding me in so many aspects of my life. 
Enjoy your future of retirement and adventuring closer to us!!!
Thanks for being the Best Dad an Papa you can and you have accomplished it!!

Think of all the things you have done and plan to is just a number. Look at all the fun you have to do here in Utah down the road!!

Cera's Comment today regarding her Papa's Birthday; "How come we cant go to Papa's for his Birthday?"
Anna So badly wants to take a card to her Papa and sing to you today..... Texas is so far away, It seems to get further away as my kids get older!! How wonderful it will be when they move closer sooner than later!!  

I know this is not a fancy gift, But it is a gift from the heart to say "Dad what a wonderful phase is next in your life and you will be a lot closer soon! " I LOVE YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
   Next year I will cook you a birthday dinner, I promise!! Well, just remind me, I might forget I'm getting older and that makes you older!!!

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  1. We read your blog. Afterwards I asked your dad if he wanted to comment, and he said he was speechless and teary-eyed. You did good July. We love you and your family.