Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Grieving Parents Mask

It takes energy.

It takes practice.

It becomes an act.

It becomes a perfected art. 

It became reality.

It became survival.

It takes tears of a broken heart.

The looks... quick hide the truth of a grieving heart


A mask is worn more frequent, but in time falls off. Comes on in times of need to hid my true face of a grieving parent.  I often face this like any other parent that has faced the reality of losing a child.  At first the raw emotions are seen and shared.  As weeks pass along in emptiness,  strength is found in crevices of light.  Months roll over and a new existence is found.  Existence and survival mend bits and pieces in place where they might fit back into.  Years are reached and a mask has been designed. Designed to except and hid a new existence.  

       Relief is found in the listening and excepting ear.  A grieving mask becomes lighter as it is set aside.  Giving rest when it is so hard to be strong is an asset.  Be patient to a grieving parent as they learn to design their mask.  Hopefully a mask is less needed to ease the heaviness and pain. But ... yet available when needed. 

If I could put me in a cartoon this would be me!!!!

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