Saturday, September 27, 2014

WOW!!! It has been a year.... And I need to be back Blogging!!!!!!!!!

        I took note today that it has been a year since I last puplished on my blog. I have missed expressing myself and sharing on here.  I originally wanted this blog to be a place to express my grieving process and share how our family finds JOY in life.  I wanted others to know thay are not alone in this world of parental grief.  Not sure if I ever made a differince to others, BUT it made a difference in me!!!

    So here I am saying!!! I am back to express myself and share, even if it is only helping myself it has proven to be benifical as a positive effect and worth while.

Since my last post... So many things have happend and changed. Luckliy most all wonderful!!   In a short summary; School for me and the girls, Work, Kids all growing, Holidays passed by in every form, and we bought a house and moved.  Life is in full speed and NEEDS to slow down!!!!!!!!!
Oh and By the Way I absolutly without any doubt LOVE my amazing Husband and Children all 6 of them!!!

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